Pollcaster Brand Assets

Pollcaster’s brand materials have been carefully prepared
and made available for use. Please take a moment to look
over our usage guidelines.

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Logo Guidelines

Please use the Pollcaster logo in harmony with the examples below.

Use Cases
Color logo on white Download EPS, PNG, or JPEG
Transparent logo on red Download EPS, PNG, or JPEG
Dark logo on gray Download EPS, PNG, or JPEG
White logo on black Download EPS, PNG, or JPEG


Words play an integral roll in creating rich content. We chose Colfax
for it’s near geometric temperment and refined impression. Please
use the following sizes for best results.

Heading is Colfax 600 at 66px.

Heading is Colfax 500 at 36px.

Heading is Colfax 700 at 24px.

Sub-Heading is Colfax 600 at 21px.
Paragraph is Colfax 400 at 21px.


Pollcaster is one word. Only the first letter P is captalized.


Brand Colors

Colors add pizzazz and depth to just about everything.
Sample our pallete using the hex values or utilize our
brand’s swatches by downloading the ASE file.

Download Colors.ase
Red · Primary #de514d
Ice · Secondary #62C6C8
Charcoal #343F4A
Dark Gray #475461
Blue Gray #6B7885
Mid Gray #6B7885 .5 Opacity
Inactive Gray #6B7885 .2 Opacity
Light Gray #EEEFF8
White #FFF
Purple #9559CE
Blue #759EE0
Royal #4A7DE3
Mint #52C291
Lime #B6D561
Pink #EC94E7
Reorange #EA8B5D
Orange #EAA440